These Days, The Video Of A Woman Is Getting Viral On Social Media, In Which The Woman Sings A Song Whose Voice Is "Ek Pyar Ke Nagma Hai", This Woman Has Become The First Woman To Be Searched On The Internet In The Year 2019. His Voice Is So Sweet That Everyone Likes To Hear It. The Name Of This Woman Is Ranu Mandal.

Biography Of Ranu Mandal

Ranu Mandal She Lives In Ranaghat Place Of West Bengal. Ranu Is An Old And Poor Woman. She Used To Sing A Song At Ranaghat Railway Station To Earn Her Living, She Would Get Some Money In Exchange For That Song, Which She Used To Meet The Need Of Food, Clothes Etc. Ranu Says That He Had To Starve For Many Days, When No One Paid Him Money.

Ranu Mandal's Life Is No Longer The Same, His Life Took Such A Blow That His Life Changed. The Credit For Changing Ranu's Life Goes To Atindra Chakraborty, When He Saw Ranu Singing At Ranaghat Station For Some Money, It Went To Him. Atinder Felt Such A Sweetness In Ranu's Voice That He Thought That Such A Voice Should Not Only Resonate At The Railway Station, We Want To Hear It All Over The World.

There Is That Sweetness In His Voice That He Can Be Compared To Lata Mangeshkar. Atinder Made A Video Of Ranu Mandal, In Which Ranu Is Seen Singing The Song "Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai". Atinder Uploaded This Video On One Of His Facebook Pages. The People Associated With That Page Liked That Video So Much That Everyone Started Sharing That Video. The Life Of Ranu Mandal Changed From This.

Ranu Has Now Become A Big Figure, Her Voice Is Also Resonating In Bollywood, She Is Getting A Call To Record Songs From Many Countries. Bollywood Singer Himesh Reshamiya Has Ranu Record His Voice In A New Song "Teri Meri Kahaani". This Song Has Not Been Released Yet, Only A Small Glimpse Of It Is Being Liked By The People.

About Ranu Mandal

The Full Name Of Ranu Mandal Is Ranu Maria Mandal. She Previously Lived In Mumbai With Her Husband, But Due To The Death Of Her Husband, She Came To Ranaghat Where She Used To Sing. Ranu Also Has A Daughter Who Runs A Grocery Shop, She Has Also Been Divorced. Ranu Was Born On 5 November 1960 In Krishnanagar. He Was Married To Bablu Mandal. Ranu Has Now Become A Bollywood Singer And Has Now Decided To Make Her Own Career Singer.

Fact About Ranu Mandal

1. In 2019, She Has Become The First Woman To Search On The Internet In The Shortest Time.
2. Ranu Was A Poor Woman Who Lived Her Life By Singing Songs At Ranaghat Station.
3. Her Husband's Name Is Bablu Mandal, Who Has Died Many Years Ago.
4. Ranu Has A Daughter With Whom She Could Not Meet For 10 Years.
5. As An Audition In Bollywood, She Sang The Song "Teri Meri Kahani" With Himesh Reshammiya.
6. The Person Who Changed The Life Of Ranu Is Atinder Chakraborty.
7. Ranu Has Now Made His Career As A Singer.

Photo Of Ranu Mandal

Ranu Mandal's Viral Video That Changed His Life

Last Word

If Someone Is Good To You With Some Help, Then You Must Help Them. We All Should Learn Something From Atindra Chakraborty, Who Transported A Woman From The Railway Station To Bollywood. If You Have Some Skills Then You Will Definitely Succeed One Day And Success Will Come To You. Ranu Had Some Skills, So She Has Become Worthy Today That People Have Started Calling Her The Goddess Of Music. Ranu Mandal Has Now Become An Inspiration For All Of Us, We Should Learn Something From Them.

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